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Since 1998 the Chico Community Shelter Partnership has been dedicated to assisting a wide variety of people in their efforts to achieve self-sufficiency and a more stable lifestyle. We operate the Torres Community Shelter, which is a large, year-round emergency shelter for men, women, and families experiencing homelessness. As an organization, we are continually growing, assessing and improving our shelter and related social services. We provide a safe, calm, stable living environment combined with vital case management services. These two factors, along with our committed, professional staff help people create options for themselves and remove barriers so they can end the cycle of homelessness and move on with their lives.

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People Helping People Campaign

We're excited about People Helping People! This is a wonderful group of people donating on a monthly basis to help support the Shelter. Please consider becoming one of our People Helping People supporters! To learn more, click here!


Did you know you can donate to the Torres Community Shelter in a very unique way? Just use one of our SHARES cards when you grocery shop. If you don't have a SHARES card yet, it's easy to get one. Do you grocery shop at the Save Mart family of stores? These stores are FoodMaxx and Save Mart locally, and S-mart Foods and Lucky outside of our area. If so, you can support us using a SHARES card and it doesn’t cost you a thing! You just swipe the SHARES card while grocery shopping and Save Mart, FoodMaxx, Lucky or S-mart Foods gives up to 3% of your purchases back to the Shelter! Get your SHARES card now by calling us at 530-891-9048 or e-mailing info@chicoshelter.org. We'll be happy to send you a card.

Here is a BIG THANK  YOU to all of our awesome SHARES card users. We recently received our largest check yet! If you would like a few SHARES cards to give to family or friends, please contact us .

About Donations

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